Monday, 27 July 2015

Battlesof Yore Part 2: 28mm Sudan

This was the second collection I began almost 20 years ago intended as an occasional diversion from my Napoleonic collection.  The figures are composed primarily of Redoubt Figures, which were considered overly large back in the day but fit in quite well with modern sculpts.  I supplemented these with a few of their Zulu Wars range which were a little larger yet again.  For the sake of variety I also added figures from Connoisseur, Essex and Old Willies 30mm all of which are largely compatible.  Eventually I also added Egyptians from Old Glory which seem very small...and recently a box of Perry plastic Dervishes which seem to work well with the Redoubt figures. 

Almost invariably my Sudan games have focused on the relief of  Gordon in Khartoum...will the desert column o the river column get there in time!  I have never really settled on a rule set for this collection but have tried Battles for Empires and Principles of War, both of which worked well enough but I've been quite a fan of computer moderated games this last decade so recent games have been with Imperial Splendour by Computer Strategies.

The photos below are from two different games.

The River Column

We need to keep up with the Navy men!

The Desert Column

Ambush in the Desert!

 The Paddleboat arrives in Khartoum it in time to save Gordon?

The River Column Arrives! 

The Egyptian Garrison Sorties.


Sunday, 26 July 2015

Battles of Yore Part 1: 40mm AWI

This is the first part in a series of posts to display photos from old games played in Nova Scotia before I moved to Ontario.  All of these are 8+ years old and may come from multiple games. Back then I only had 4 collections: 28mm Napoleonic, 28mm Sudan, 28mm Franco Prussian War and 40mm American War of Independance. This series will cover the "best of" photos for each of the latter three collections.  I could not find any old Nappie photos I thought worth sharing so obviously I need to run a few games! The vast majority of the figures below are Sash and Saber 40mm.

As usual, let's start off displaying the field of battle
This was a fictional scenario.

The old war-room was in the attic of a 
hundred year old house.  Too hot to play
during the summer....which is probably a good thing!
L-R Me, Ross, Gary

The Nova Scotia Fencibles

Napoleonic French Converted to AWI