Friday, 24 July 2015

Blue Army Invasion 1899! 

This is a toy soldier game I put together over the course of two years with homecast reproduction German made 45mm Heyde figures from the turn of the (last) century.  I cast the parts myself, manipulated them with pliers, composed and painted them.  Figures were gradually accumulated over e-bay.  The great thing about Heyde figures is that they come with separate heads, weapons and equipment which allows you to create a wide variety of troop types.  Paint does the rest! Very time consuming but very satisfying!  The Germans of course were big on toy soldiers, primarily flats but later semi-flats and then rounds....rounds were known as bleisoldaten. WWI put some economic pressure on German exports and allowed Wm.Britains to capture much of the market.  The british finally finished off their competitor during WWII during the fire bombings of Dresden.

This collection is loosely based on the invasion literature of 1870-1914 such as The Battle of Dorking or The Great War in England 1897. The first details a Prussian seaborne invasion of England following the fall of France in 1870-71. By 1897 the French and the Russians are invading England and are almost successful until Germany declares war on them on the continent.  Both are inspirational reads! In fact there was a whole genre around the fear of invasion by whatever bad guys your government was rattling their sword at. 

For rules I have used these free ones to good effect: Edwardian Splendour

So check out the battle below of Cheesedale Moor! June 2013.

A view of the Cheesedale battlefield.  Note Imperial Germans in the foreground, 
above them the Turks...the French encampment is by the windmill.  I give you 
Army Blue!  The Valorous Army Red defenders are on the other side of the river.

Blue Army Secret Weapon!

French forces forming line of battle!

Colonel Panzerotti of the small Italian
Bersaglieri contingent.  

Hi-Ho, Hi-Ho it's off to war we go!
French Zouave assault column.

A view of the French Encampment 
by Hot Air Balloon!

Army Red has some of their own Blue!  
RN Blue-Jackets and Royal Artillery.

The Red Defense is Formidable!

Blue Army Austrians, Greeks and Turks take flight.

Red army is Under Attack! What better time to 
have a formal dress review with the Guards!
...and perhaps a tea.

I think we are in trouble Ralph.,,,,

Army Red Russian Allies Defending the Wood 
on the Red Left Flank with their Trusty Maxim

Like Lambs to the Slaughter the Germans attempt 
to Cross the River within the Maxim's Sights.
The Krupps Resolve the Problem...
but Not Quickly Enough.

The Turkish Hordes Begin their Impetuous Advance..

....Much to the "Delight" of Pasha Kebab.
Get it?

Tally-ho! Red Army holds on
.....until these show up

The French Patiently Wait for Most of the
Fighting to Die Down and Then Advance 
on the Right Flank to Deliver the Coup de Grace

Hmmm...No Luck with Point Blank Rifle Fire

From bad to worse...

French Retreat to their Camp after Deciding 
it was Not safe to come out yet after all.

The thin red line grows increasingly thin..
Major Haggis encourages his men to stand.
"Steady lads!"

I can't actually remember who won....
But it was great fun!

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