Monday, 23 November 2015

Wavre 1870 Part III - The Conclusion

Where has the time gone.  We wrapped this one up in September.  The Prussians had a pyrrhic victory on the battlefield but would have been too late to intervene at Waterloo....thus ensuring the future of the Second Empire....and the banishment of Bismark to st. Pierre and Miquelon or something like that.  

After having taken Limales the Prussian allied division breaks through the feeble 
defence at Limales leady by the worthy Wurtumbergers.

Withering fire from the Queen Olga's of the Wurtembergers as
they advance down the road to Bierges.

French Cuirassiers advance to the rear form Limales ot Bierge.

 The Bavarians follow up.

 There is a simultaneous breakthrough by Bavarian 
heavy cavalry at Bierge.  It does not look good for the French.

Advise all units to fall back.  The boche is upon us!

The valiant (but very methodical and patient) Von Howard
unsuccessfully attempts to smash his way across the 
Wavre bridge again.

The wages of war.

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