Monday, 31 October 2016

An Experiment in Scale

I've had a bit of a desire in recent years to dabble in the smaller scales.  I normally play Carnage and Glory at 1:25 scale and I keep would the dynamic of the game change with more space to work with.  At 1:100 scale My table would be the equivalent of 16 times large.  Custom terrain sculpted for a specific battlefield seems more attainable.  Terrain features can be created to look more natural vs the height of the figures.

I was inclined to 10mm and even painted a few but I did find the ranges to be too limited in variety for the painter within me.  I did paint up some Old Glory Napoleonic 10s and what I found was that the visual was about the unit and the flag rather than individual figures.  There strips of 5 figs are based very tightly in march attack pose together which gives a good impression of mass. This had a very nice look on the table. 

With the release of very well sculpted Blue Moon 18mm Figures I wondered if I could achieve a similar look to the 10's with these larger figures.  Pictures are below and mission accomplished I think.  This was a bit of an experiment but I quite like the result and can see doing more of these.  The variety is there, the detail is there, they are relatively cheap and take much less time to paint than the least they would with some practice.

Below are the two battalions of IR 17 Regt Manteuffel, each with 3 bases of 6 figs.  This is roughly equivalent to 750 infantry per battalion.

Sunday, 1 May 2016

The Assualt on Dorkshire Once Again....

I decided to rerun Dorkshire from the comfort of the Duc's war-room so that my local group could give it a try and to further refine the rules.  My oh my what a little lead blood bath it turned out to be!
I am considering further refinements to the rules including a card driven command point system as well events.

The Quiet Hamlet of Dorkshire.
Red Army on Manouvres through the village

The Battle for the South you see what I see?  Ready your breech loading cannon with your rammer!

The Greek regulars being their impetuous advance across open ground.

Turkish Krupps in support.  Don't shell the Greeks by mistake now!

The valiant Greek evzones were quickly cut to ribbons!

The Turks have overrun the Sheep Brigade!  Well done men!  No abusing the prisoners now!
Armoured Car Support for the Turks!

Meanwhile in the West

The Germanic hordes march through a farm,

The hills are alive....with the sound of gunfire...lalalala...
British Tars Protect the river crossings and put heavy fire against their German sailor opponent...
eventually resulting in mutual destruction..and glory!
The impressive western defenses before the firestorm....nonetheless they did their duty!

Much, Much Later in the North!

Russian gunners lounge about waiting for the French advance.

Hey we have time for a drink?
The French....waiting for a strategic moment,,,,just the right opportunity...
after their allies have softened up the enemy. debouch from the treeline.

Sometime later...they finally enter into long range.
Opposing the French, the Highlanders taking many casualties from boredom go looking for a fight elsewhere.
These troops and the Russian artillery are soon taken under fire from German Artillery far to the rear.

The Elite Zouaves would be the last French infantry unit standing.

These guys quickly became French Toast! did these.
French Cuirassiers...prudently kept in reserve

We are definitely going to do this one again.  Stay Tuned!

Wednesday, 20 April 2016

Hotlead 2016: Assault on Dorkshire!

 Here are a few photos of the game I ran at Hotlead this year using my Heyde reproduction figures and my own Homebrew Toy Soldier rules inspired by an online set called Edwardian Splendour.  My bud Gary, supplied era suitable headwear for all participants including Picklehaube Fez, Kepi, Fur hat and more! I was happily able to condense my rules to be a letter sized one pager and so everyone seemed to catch on to the rules very quickly and enjoy themselves. These are still a work in progress but very close to complete. Some pictures below...I wish I had taken to time to take some of the attackers!

The Red Army British and their Green Coated Russian Allies are charged
with the defense of the last man!

The Russian MG nest wreaked havoc on the advancing Turk Brigade who
were swept from the field in minutes.

The valiant thin red line

Blue Coated Greek Troops join the red army as allies. They
won't fight on the same side as the Turks!

Greek Evzones support the rear of their firing line.

German Columns are spotted advancing from the East! Did anyone
remember to bring the armour piercing shells?

The Guards march out of camp to take up positions against the Germans.

Meanwhile our group's Eric ran a 15mm SYW

game of massive proportions! A few poor photos below.