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Updated December 28th, 2015
Here are the C&G House Rules used for Tamai. Feedback Welcome!. 

Victoria’s Wars

A Carnage and Glory 2 Adaptation of Von Moltke

These are the adaptations I used to play the battle of Tamai so, is for the moment, focussed on Sudan and does not cover the full colonial period.

Troop Classifications:

Imperial: (French)

British Infantry -Chassepot (Martini Henry*), Elite or Guard morale, Crack experience, Excellent firing
Indian Infantry - Dreyse (Snider-Enfield)*, Line with Veteran Experience, Good or Excellent Firepower
Egyptian Infantry - Dreyse (Remington)  Line with Veteran or trained
Early Egyptian Infantry or Garrison Troops - Chassepot or RML.  Line or militia, trained or green. Poor combat and fire.
Sudanese Regulars, Dreyse (Remington), Line with Veteran Experience, Good or Excellent Combat.
Irregulars - (Bashi Bazouks or Bazingers), similar to dervish skirmisher

British Cavalry - BL rifled carbine
Indian Cavalry - BL rifled carbine
Egyptian Cavalry - BL rifled carbine
Irregular Cavalry - as dervishes

Imperial Artillery 9 pdr: RML8#, Screw Gun :RML4# (horse artillery to represent mobility)
Egyptian Artillery: BL6#

Nordenfelt \ Gardener Gun* - Gatlings

Mule Supply 50 infantry of poor quality
Camel Supply 50 light cavalry of poor quality

* Imperial Firepower. Noting that the Martini Henry had a longer range and higher rate of fire than the Chassepot and the same could be said for the Snyder Enfield vs. the Dreyse, these weapons will use a 1:37.5 paces per inch scale for firing. This will increase the range (x1.5) and, effectively, also increase close range damage. I am applying the same to Imperial Machine Guns but not to Artillery which seems not to have made the same kind of advances since the FPW. I am very interested in opinions from other gamers on whether this is weighted appropriately.

Character - 25 infantry or cavalry with poor fire and combat to represent one hero.  At Tamai I had a Colonel Fred Barnaby Officer and created a unit called Fred’s shotgun. Both unit and officer had the same number.  This created a fighting officer hero who could operate outside of the chain of command. rallying troops or fighting himself. In his case, he suffered a serious arm wound in the first combat he got involved in and was carried from the field and never got to use his shotgun.

Dervish (Prussian)

Foot Sword and Spear Mass Unit: Open column only, Revolvers with contemptible or poor firepower to represent spears, wide variety ratings.  Beja better quality. (approx 800 men)
Cavalry Rub: Squadron column only, (approx 400 men) Horse is light, Camel is medium. Generally poor quality.
Jihadiya Skirmishers: Open line only (approx 100 men). Various rifles.  Contemptible and poor fire and combat
Artillery: 2 or more SB cannons of poor quality
Captured Egyptian Artillery with enslaved gunners: BL 6# with trained experience, poor fire.
Elephant Guns: 1 SB cannon of poor quality which may only fire in cannister range.


Hidden Dervishes:  Are offboard and may be deployed to the table at designated areas so long as those areas have not been scouted or seen by the Imperials yet.

Grass tufts reduce Imperial move 50 paces

Rough terrain is half movement for all but no difficult terrain input for dervishes

High Heat in Environmental conditions.


Imperial Troops may resupply ammo if they begin their turn attached to the mule and do not move, fire or melee. Use the Edit OOB function. Camel supply does the same for Imperial Artillery.

Imperial Troops with same weapon type may also “share” ammo by remaining adjacent full turn and do not move, fire or melee. Redistribute using Edit OOB

Dervish may not resupply.

Imperial Squares.  

A brigade of Imperials may form a square with one unit on each face in line.  Supply and leaders can take shelter in the square.  A battery placed behind any line will fire up to 50% out of each of the two corners for that line. Batteries may not be targeted for melee without also targeting a supporting line.  No unit may be taken in flank while in Brigade Square. Lines that recoil 150 paces may return to their part of the square during movement despite having a no move marker on them. Note: this won’t help if they are charged again or if the dervish player moves first.

Individual imperial battalions may form a battalion square by a formation change to line but forming up the figures as a square. 25% may fire out of each face.  Movement is as sidestep or reform line system input. Full Batteries may not shelter in the square however screw guns may (firing 25 % out of each corner), or one supply unit.

Cavalry Vs. Dervish Foot

Dervish Mass units may go prone as a formation change as a response to a charge, C&G2 will determine if there is enough time to do that. Units that go prone in such manner do not need to undertake defensive fire and the corresponding morale check. If prone, the cavalry will ride right over the dervish unit (unless lance armed in which case they can stop and melee)

Dervish Mass Units Vs. Cavalry

While foot charging cavalry is not normally permitted in C&G2, Dervish Mass units will be permitted to undertake charges against cavalry flanks and rear or against front if it has a Halt Marker on it. This should have the effect of making Imperial Cavalry more cautious about charging into the middle of the enemy host!

Army Morale

Dervish: 75%
Imperial: 65%

The game will be called when the result is obvious and no later than when a side is at 50% of original army morale.

In a Dervish vs.Egyptian only game before British intervention:

Dervish 65%
Egyptian 75%

A Note on System Messages and Flavour:

It’s Important to maintain flavour by tweaking the system messages and the printed order of battle for the players, especially for the dervishes.  Just use the leader names or Emir, Caliph...etc.  rather than general, colonel etc that the system generates.  Also, Dervish rubs do not fix bayonets and charge...they brandish their swords and spears!

For character Officer\units the story should tell of an individual not a unit.  For example, Instead of  Burnaby suffered five casualties, he was shot  through the shoulder...or his helmet was shot off.

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