Saturday, 25 July 2015

The Battle of Reichhoffen Hotlead 2010

This was a 28mm FPW game I ran at Hotlead 2010 using Carnage and Glory rules.  I did not get many pictures of the game but it was captured extensively by unofficial Hotlead Staff Photographer AndyGamer here.

There was some discussion of my game on The Miniatures Page: Battle of Reichhoffen.

Some people do no like computer moderated games but Carnage and Glory have been my rules of choice for 10 years now.  They are very well refined and solid. They bring a level of realism to games that just are not possible with traditional systems in my opinion.

The Field of Battle. 
Prussians to the left, French to the right.

The Brains of the Operation.
Carnage and Glory on a Netbook.

Entrenched French Await the Assault Columns

Here they come!

French Second Line

The Prussians Prepare to Wade Across the Stream

Valiant Chasseurs d'Afrique Attempt to
Slow the Prussian Advance!

Defence in Depth.

We had a good sized crowd for this one
and completed in four hours. 

Mon Dieu!  I think We Won for Once!

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  1. I played in this game and it was quite enjoyable, especially when my Prussian infantry charged across a river to capture a French Redoubt. It was my first experience with C&G, and I really enjoyed it!