Wednesday, 22 July 2015

Wavre 1815 - 2015

Le 1er Dispatch du Duc du Grand Fromage 
Wavre 1815 

Game held chez duc, July 2015 in the underground lair using Carnage and Glory computer moderated rules

Le champs de bataille de Wavre
The Hamlet of Limale (French Left)

The Bierge Mill (French Centre)
Tough nut to crack. Note Prussian artillery on hill.

Wavre (French Right)

Wavre (Prussian Right)
The defenders....due to miscommunication, 
one crucial division marches off the battlefield.

Bierge Mill (Prussian Centre)
..being counterattacked!

The Suburbs of Wavre Fall to the
 French. Onward to the bridge.  
En avant!

 The fight to Cross Into Wavre

Prussian Landwehr Reserves Prepare 
to Counterattack Behind Wavre

The French Bombard Wavre
I think I see a fire!

The Prussians Hold Firm Behind Stout Walls
For now...

Prussian Heavy Artillery Wreaks Havoc on the 
French Approach of the Bierge Mill Bridge

Meanwhile Pajol's Cavalry Approaches Limale
Ou est l'enemie?

French Cavalry Decide to Chance 
Swimming  the "Impassable" River

Hope No-One Gets Swept Downriver!

Clash on Limale Bridge!

 Pseudo French Reinforcements Arrive 
to Support the Assault on Wavre.

Pseudo French Look Determined 
in Their Advance

More Pseudo French...
unstoppable plastic goodness

Stay tuned for the exciting conclusion to this battle...


  1. I think the French will win, as they have elan and savoir-faire and panache and a certain je-ne-sais-quoi, and other words the Prussians lack. Plus, the fellow playing Grouchy is a taccticals genius. Grouchy for Emperor! This is a beautiful game on a beautiful table with beautifully-painted figures.

  2. I think you may be right Marshal Grouchy! He was after all of this the hero of the empire was he not?