Sunday, 1 May 2016

The Assualt on Dorkshire Once Again....

I decided to rerun Dorkshire from the comfort of the Duc's war-room so that my local group could give it a try and to further refine the rules.  My oh my what a little lead blood bath it turned out to be!
I am considering further refinements to the rules including a card driven command point system as well events.

The Quiet Hamlet of Dorkshire.
Red Army on Manouvres through the village

The Battle for the South you see what I see?  Ready your breech loading cannon with your rammer!

The Greek regulars being their impetuous advance across open ground.

Turkish Krupps in support.  Don't shell the Greeks by mistake now!

The valiant Greek evzones were quickly cut to ribbons!

The Turks have overrun the Sheep Brigade!  Well done men!  No abusing the prisoners now!
Armoured Car Support for the Turks!

Meanwhile in the West

The Germanic hordes march through a farm,

The hills are alive....with the sound of gunfire...lalalala...
British Tars Protect the river crossings and put heavy fire against their German sailor opponent...
eventually resulting in mutual destruction..and glory!
The impressive western defenses before the firestorm....nonetheless they did their duty!

Much, Much Later in the North!

Russian gunners lounge about waiting for the French advance.

Hey we have time for a drink?
The French....waiting for a strategic moment,,,,just the right opportunity...
after their allies have softened up the enemy. debouch from the treeline.

Sometime later...they finally enter into long range.
Opposing the French, the Highlanders taking many casualties from boredom go looking for a fight elsewhere.
These troops and the Russian artillery are soon taken under fire from German Artillery far to the rear.

The Elite Zouaves would be the last French infantry unit standing.

These guys quickly became French Toast! did these.
French Cuirassiers...prudently kept in reserve

We are definitely going to do this one again.  Stay Tuned!

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