Thursday, 8 February 2018

Maida 1806

The battle of Maida was fought in Southern Italy in 1806.  It came about as a result of an amphibious landing in support of the local insurrection of the Italians.  The real life battle pitched two very even forces together, approximately division sized with minimal terrain.  This makes for a very good introductory game or just if you are in the mood for a short game. The British had a major victory in both history and our game using the Carnage and Glory Two system.  
Map of the Battle
Thanks to Napnuts for the photo

The line battle took a ninety degree shift in our game with Kempt successfully advancing on the British left flank and Digonet on the French Right flank.  The only spoiler for the French avance was the British 20th line lurking in the bushes and preventing the French from exploiting their gains. 

Victorious General Stuart overseeing his deployment
A powerful light infantry division on the left overseen by the dubious General Compere.

The British view of the Légere for most of the game.
Light Infantry Battalions on the French Right Flank

French Right Flank with cavalry and horse artillery.  British had no cavalry but a preponderance of artillery 3-1
Colonel Kempt advances on the British Right Flank...sweeping the French Légere before them.
The embarrassing Lowry Cole forms square...then line....then square again....then line...rince and repeat doing much to instill confidence in the men!
French attack on the British left flank.  Successful except for the presence of the 20th line lurking in the scrub.
The 20th line unleashes a devastating volley against a French Légere unit casing 149 casualties.

British and French advanced on their own respective rights causing the whole line of battle to reposition almost 90 degrees form the starting point.  

Royal Corsican Rangers (and Sicilian Volunteers) were the only rifle armed unit in the game ut spent must of their time chasing French Légere around the table. They were a small but mighty unit.
General Comperes last unit at endgame.  A 1,000 man strong French line unit, in ongoing back step to keep within skirmish range to good effect.  
The Valiant RossShire Buffs

The Rutlandshires await the advance of the Polish Italian Legion, who despite the encouragement of the incomparable General Luigi Peyri never make it.  His mortal leg wound did not help.

Stuart viewing a battle won


  1. A very good report Michael. I realy enjoyed playing this game.

  2. Thanks Rod. It was a good, even sided game. Your light Brigade did very well.