Thursday, 14 December 2017

Gross Gorschen 1813

Wow.  I can't believe its been over a year since I last posted.  The latest game to be played chez Duc was the battle of Gross-Gorschen 1813 with Carnage and Glory.  This was really the opening phase of the battle of Lutzen and I modified one of the General de Brigade scenarios to put it together.  It was a bit of a marathon game stretching over 4 or 5? sessions simply because the tenacious French would not give up the game even after substantial army morale loss.  Towards the end a gust of wind would case a morale check on the French units.  I finally called the game when their army morale sunk below 50%.  Prussian army morale was still above 75%.  Kuddos to Von Rod for a well done major Prussian victory.

Unfortunately it only occurred to me to take pictures near the end of the game.

                                Town of Gross-Gorschen after which the action was named.  This was the largest built up area consisting of two sectors each of which could hold a battalion.  Since the interior did not need to be defended, defending units could shoot up to 33% out of each wall rather than the usual 25%.  The French never lost possession of the town despite bombardment from three allied batteries and some infantry fire.

The first village lost to the Prussians without a fight after LaBoissiere's cavalry screening force in front of the village was swept away by superior numbers of allied cavalry.

The French advance on the Prussian flank as part of their "closing the door strategy", vacating one of their objective villages to do so.  Since the objective was to their rear, no real risk in doing so.....unless they fail! 

Prussian artillery prepares to blow "the door" off of its hinges with close range canister.

The critical point in the battle.  The hard suffering French have just received much needed reinforcements and have decided to immediately throw them into the battle for Kaja, the key objective village, occupied by a fresh unit of Prussian Grenadiers. Two columns advanced against them unsuccessfully taking ten to one loses, losing a colour and General Anthing to a mortal leg wound.  The remnants fled from the table. 

A close up of the valiant French charging to their doom!

Getting in the spirit of things a unit of Prussian Hussars charges to their doom against a newly deployed French battery

That's all for this time.  More games and pics soon!

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