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Bunker (Breed's) Hill 1775

This was the battle of Bunker Hill 1775 played with Carnage and Glory2 using my 40mm AWI collection. .  Actually the conflict took place on Breed's Hill.  Bunker Hill was to the rear of the action, and while there were American troops there who could have reinforced, they played no part in the battle. The Battle was fought because these Hill's were in position to bombard Boston and the British Fleet in Boston Harbour.  General Howe initiated an amphibious landing on this peninsula in order to dislodge the American Artillery. The American's held three sectors.  A fence line on their left, Breed's Hill in the Centre and Charleston o their right. In our game there were two distinct assaults on American lines.  The first assault was against the fence line on the left by Stark's Brigade by British Elites.  Stark held the line.  Meanwhile, General Pigot on the British left was making a plodding advance because of continual harassment by American Skirmishers in the Town of Charleston. The British then waited until reinforcements arrived under General Clinton. Once Clinton was able to take his place on the battle line, the British charged up Breed's Hill against the Entrenchments.  In this second assault the British were able to gain victory.  As in the real battle casualties were heavy for the British but not as heavy as the real life battle. In the real battle there were three assaults rather than two, with the third assault lead by British Marines winning the day. I advised the British at the beginning of the game that time was of the essence.  There were potential American reinforcements nearby.  I assigned the British a minor victory in light of the time taken to take the Hill which was on the outer limits of time I had in mind for the game.

Skirmishers protecting Charleston from Pigot's column.

Charleston from the American side.
Gridley's 3 pdr battery entrenched on Breed's Hill.

Colonel Stark's Brigade holding the fence line

Stark's exceptional leadership did much to shore up his brigade.

Above and below, American troops entrenched on Breed's Hill

General Prescott.  American CIC

British Lights and Grenadiers advance to dislodge start from the Fence line
while demonstrating in front of the trenches on Breed's Hill
First the Lights and then the Grenadiers were repulsed by 
Stark at the Fence line. 
British 12 pdrs kept up a steady bombardment of the entrenchments
however failed to do much damage because of the long range.  For lack of a 
40mm Cannon I used a Brass Pencil Sharpener!

Entrenchments with Charleston in the distance on the American right

Pigot's column makes slow progress in light of flanking fire 
from the skirmishers in Charleston.  On turn nine Charleston 
was set on fire due to British naval bombardment.  Pigot's 
artillery, not pictured, landed with the wrong ammunition and was not 
available until turn 9. 

Pigot's slow advance.

Brigade Stark holds firm

The British advance against the fence line.

Charleston engulfed in flame.  Only skirmishers could remain 
in the town.

The second assault on American lines.  This time against the
Entrenchments of Breed's Hill.

Reinforcements with Clinton lead the charge.

The left trench is overrun by the British.

With the correct ammunition, Pigot's 6pdr battery is finally brought 
to bear.

The American's have been dislodged by the British

Casualties of War

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