Monday, 13 August 2018

White Plains 1776

Have not posted for a while but we played this one a few months back.  The Battle of White Plains, New Jersey 1776.  British were under Lt. General Leopold von Heister, the Americans were under Colonel McDougall. British forces needed to seize a redoubt on top of a hill.  British had very superior forces and decided to outflank on both the right and left as well as a full frontal assault which arrived first and was successful.  The American's meanwhile needed to hold on as long as possible while inflicting more casualties on the British which did not happen.  British had a minor mishap when orders were given for the right flanking column to go left when they meant right.  This was sorted out before too long and they were able to change direction.  The game was a major British Victory.

This is a view from the redoubt, held by artillery and American Militia. Haslets Battalion and skirmishers can be seen at the foot of the hill.  This command was isolated at the front and very exposed to the British masses. 

These were the limited American reserves under Colonel McDougall behind the American redoubt.

The British had a 3 gun 12 pound battery flanking the American redoubt on a hill across the Bronx river.  Because of the range this battery was extremely ineffective. 

Meanwhile the Hessians under Col Rall rolled a "6" on the first turn allowing them to finish construction of a bridge alloing them to get into the fight right away.  More bad news for the Americans!

Hessians cross at the quickstep.  

Hessian Jaegers engage McDougall's Skirmishers on the right flank.

The 17th Light Dragoons travel by road to their start off point.  they never did get into combat but they were not really needed. 

Rall's Hessian Brigade moves along the road to position themselves for a left flank attack on the American line of battle.

Meanwhile Colonel McDougall starts to move the reserves to the threatened left flank.

Meanwhile the Hessian Leib Regt. advances up the centre towards the redoubt. Putnam's skirmishers try to hold them back to no avail/ 

View from the American trenches wile the Hessian's Advance.  Haslet's Brigade can still be seen to the front playing interference with them. 

McDougall's Brigade continues to more toward the British left flank/

British Light Infantry give three hurrah's and drive off the American Skirmishers. 

The British Line arrives under General Leslie.  Unfortunately his orders initially send him in the wrong direction. 

Outflanking continues against the Americans.

Aerial view of the British (Hessian) left flank.  The pressure is on for the outnumbered Americans

The British line get new orders and advance against the right flank.

Hessian's are getting closer. 

The American reserves move to counter the Hessians.  Meanwhile the British break through into their rear while the Hessian Leib Regiment overran the redoubt capturing numerous American militia in the process.  It was game over for the Americans.

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