Monday, 13 August 2018

Freeman's Farm 1777

We played this one a few weeks ago.  Freeman's Farm 1777 or 1st Saratoga.  This one is interesting since the American's are on the offensive for once.  The American's are under Benedict Arnold while the British are under John Burgoyne, both of which are excellent commanders. Their objective is to break Hamilton's brigade.  Fraser's Brigade is nearby in a redoubt containing two gun batteries and elite troops.  Unfortunately the British needed to roll a twelve each term to unlock some of these forces which never happened.  A Hessian Brigade was also scheduled to reinforce however the American's had routed Hamilton long before their planned arrival so we called it a game.  The first American victory we have had in our series of AWI games.  Unfortunately I got caught up in the game and I did not think to take many pictures.  I didn't even get any pics of the farm.  Doh!  Bemis Heights..or 2nd Saratoga is up next.

This is Fraser's Brigade on the right flank of the British.  This redoubt was an anchor for the whole army and they were not allowed to leave it, much to the British dismay. The American's (Brigadier Poor) had to advance their columns past this position taking significant flanking fire from the British artillery, but not enough to stop them. 

Learned's Brigade reinforces the Centre through the forest.  The vattle is over before they can arrive.  Also seen is General Benedict Arnold urging them forward.   An element of the the British 21st foot can also be seen after having driven off the crew of the American grasshopper gun, which did much damage before retiring. 

Learner leading the advance of his Brigade.

Tory's and Indians fire on Dearborn's Light Infantry Battalion under Morgan;s command.  Daniel Morgan, despite having the best troops in the American Army did not make much progress in this battle against Hamilton.

The 2nd NY Continental Regt, which earned honours by driving the British 62nd foot from the field.  This more than anything caused Hamilton's brigade morale to deteriorate. 

Hamilton's skirmishers and artillery successfully held his left flank, while the infantry o the right were decimated.  Because of the treeline, the artillery was not as helpful as it could have been.

Hamilton's infantry being assailed from two directions.  The American Militia even successfully assaulted against them with distinction.  

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